January 5, 2009

Having Family Fun

My niece loves my son. Whenever he is around she wants to grab him up, wrestle or just give him hugs and kisses.

My nephews were in town for the holidays. Here is their musical band! Our whole family loves music when you come into any of our homes, sometimes its hard to hear each other over the melodies.

My other nieces and nephews struck a fun pose for the camera. That's what spending time with family is all about--having fun and spreading love.


  1. Hey Gerri! I love having family get togethers. They are so fun! Great blog, I didnt' even know you had one!

  2. LOVE the pics!! What is it about Noah and little girls.... the ADORE him!! Haha, I know Aliyah sure does. Oh and those musical nights must be a blast!



  3. Thanks. Yes, right now it is soooo cute. I will have to watch out for junior high and high school. LOL. Being with the kids was very fun.


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