February 1, 2009

Who I Am-Day 1

Today begins a month-long celebration. A celebration of a people. A people, that through adversity have triumphed and made critical contributions to the world.

In honor of the month, I decided to tell you a little more about me. Who I am and where I come from. These people have made me Who I Am.

Big Momma
Was my Great-Grandmother
Taught me how to snap green beans
Had the best high pitched laugh
Felt so soft when I hugged her
Loved to dance and hum
Knew how to let go, laugh, and take it easy
Didn't mind one bit, when I as a toddler forever named her by saying, "She is a BIG Momma"



  1. Big Momma sounds like quite a special lady, can't wait to hear more about the people that impacted you.

  2. I'm excited to hear about all the wonderful people in your life!!! So cute that you gave her that great name of Big Momma!!



  3. thanks for the prayers and the sweet comments. i really like how that second one came out too, it was a lucky shot :)


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