February 26, 2009

Who I Am-Day 10

Who I am...


Is my boy.
Is my son.
Is love, living and breathing on the outside of me.
Is proof of God's healing hand.
Is brilliant, loving, warm, and cuddly.
Is an artist and gifted physically.
Makes me understand what it means to be selfless.
Is a blessing.

Love you, Nu-nus :)


  1. what a fun little pic and such a blessing! he is definitely a big part of who you are :)

  2. this pic with the costume and all is just way, way too cute for words! nice photography too! blessings...

  3. Ok, wow. This post blew me away. I love the writing and the heart behind it, it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant or tired, but I think it's more the wonderful story you've shared!!


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