February 15, 2009

Who I Am-Day 5

Who I Am...

Uncle Buddy

Is my Momma's big brother
Gave me my middle name...Aisha because it meant love and peace. It also means life...
Loves music, theater, story telling, education, children, the arts....hmm sounds like me:)
Has the coolest swagger!
Taught me about honor, respect, and appreciating the D.I.A. (the Detroit Institute of Arts)
Goes by the name, "Sekou" which means wise and educated and "fighting poet"
Always has a word, book, article, or website of wisdom
Is Creative Love on earth



  1. That is a cool pic of him.... and I kinda think he looks more like Devon that you! Haha. It's great... another awesome part of your family!

  2. wow he sounds like an amazing man! and I love that pic of him :)


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