February 24, 2009

Who I Am-Day 9

Who I am...

Bethany, Jalen, Jordan, DJ (DeMarcus Jerry), Joi

Is my dog...
Is my "baby" sister. (At least when we were growing up)
Is very strong and sassy.
Is the best at making folks laugh!
Is very gutsy and will be the first to try or do it.
Loves to hang out and have a good time.
Love you girl.

Jalen (far left)
Is a little man.
Is SCARY smart.
Takes care of his three siblings and his Momma.
Will run Someone's, Something one day.
Is strong on the outside and tender on the inside.
Love you, J-Man.

Jordan (far right)
Has a great heart and smile.
Is very bright.
Loves to eat, always has...
Already has had girlfriends!
Looks soft on the outside, but is very strong!!!
Love you, Jordan

Is small and mighty.
Is very smart.
Is a great dancer.
Has a great sense of humor.
Reminds me so much of Shamar Moore. It's the eyes.
Is very loving.
Love you, DJ

Is the baby sister.
Can dance her butt off.
Is cute but also smart.
Sucks her thumb like her Momma, and Auntie. :)
Is cuddly, is joy.
Love you, Joi-Joi

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  1. what a gorgeouuuuuus clan of folks you have there! blessings...


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