March 29, 2009

Born Again

Noah was born again today. It also snowed today.
He wanted to know if Christmas was coming again--because he was born again and it snowed! :)

Congratulations Baby for accepting Jesus into your heart.
Welcome to God's family!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!


  1. How exciting! What a great day!!! I am so happy for you and Noah :)

  2. That is so awesome!! We are so proud of him, and excited for this new journey he's on!!

  3. What a wonderful day! God bless Noah and your family. He has some amazing style wearing that cool, purple hat!!

  4. so completely awesome and life-changing for him! plus how adorable is he connecting the snow to his rebirth! thanks for the comments of encouragement and prayers too this week, much, much needed and appreciated! blessings...


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