April 25, 2009

Gratefulness Week-14

I am grateful for...

A weekend with kittens.
My husband enduring his allergies to make my son's wish come true.
A friend who helped me when she did not have to. Thanks, Chris!
Reuniting with a cousin. Hey, Porsha!
This beautiful weather.

What are you planning to do with the new warm weather?



  1. Those kittens look adorable but naughty! Hope your furniture survives. Our cat is three or four and still likes to use the couches as a scratching post.

    It's beautiful here too and we have been biking. looking forward to spending lots of time outside. Have wonderful weekend Gerri!

  2. Such cute little kittens! They are so playful :)

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog! They make my day!

    Lots of soccer for us tomorrow. I hope to get a walk in too. Enjoy:)

  3. OMG!!!! You have kittens!! I want to see them. How cute, I bet Noah is so excited. :)

  4. well, as you can see, we got asher a new bike, played with sidewalk chalk and did bubbles...that was til we got caught in the rain today...but fun was had yesterday! cute kittens! blessings...

  5. oh my goodness they are soooo little and soooo cute! i am sure you all had a blast :)

  6. your kittens are so cute! are they both yours? adorable!

    we had pouring rain this morning (glad it wasn't yesterday during our race, although it did rain a bit)! now the sun is shining. it's too wet to go out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warmth, but the windows are wide open and a magazine i've been meaning to read is calling my name!

  7. OMG! So so cute!

  8. Okay, but HOW CUTE are those kittens? Bummer you can't keep them... they're adorable.

    My warm days will be spent writing... but come May 15th, I'll be able to get out to the park with my dog Teddy and enjoy the trails near our home. Maybe even drop a few pounds in the process!


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