April 29, 2009

Momma Lion

My Cub and I in 2008

Why oh why am I so sensitive when it comes to my boy?
Why do I want to pounce on anyone that treats my boy in a mean way, or seemingly is being unfair?
Will I ever learn to not be so PASSIONATE about every hair on his head?
Knowing me, I will always be this way.
I wish that this fierce need to protect did not distract me throughout my days, and haunt me in my dreams.


  1. you are a wonderful momma...i can't say from personal experience but i am 100% sure that your desire to protect is built in. i think it is about finding balance, letting them venture and explore but always being there if they need you...of course when i experience it myself i am sure i will have the same passion. passion isn't always the easiest thing to balance :)

    thank you for always encouraging me...your comments make my day!

  2. I don't have as many years being a mom as you but I'll bet that I will be the same with Deaglan for all the rest of my days. It's wonderful that you are so passionate. I don't think you need to change a thing. What a beautiful picture of you and your boy!!

  3. it's the motherly instinct! even with my son only being 2...i can already relate! i don't want anything or anyone to hurt him. but...i do know this is how we learn!

  4. It's such a strong instinct within a mom. I feel like a protective mama bear often. As my kids get older, I worry more and more since I can't protect them as well in every situation. Your passion to be your son's champion is admirable. I'm sure he'll always love you for it! Beautiful picture too:)

  5. My children are 17 and 20 years old, and I still have that instinct. It just is what it is. The blessing is that life with your children teaches you how to channel it so that it is used for good, more and more, and becomes a beautiful gift.

  6. Oh I think you do a wonderful job with this... though I know the feeling. From what I see, you do a great job with letting him be himself... and that is wonderful!! What a great momma. And look at that long hair!!

  7. gurl, when you were carrying that child, God already designed you to be sensitive, loving and protective---it's our nature to be "pounce" when it comes to our babies---"why you lookin' at him that way?"--"why'd you say that to him?"---and my favorite, "i know you just didn't push my child?!"---gurll, you be ready to grab that vaseline jar and snatch them earrings off!---(juss joking)---but seriously, what it all is in a nutshell is ---L-O-V-E---and there's nothing wrong with you loving and protecting your baby---look, my kids are 19, 24 and 25---if they ever come to me and tell me what goes on in life and i hear a snippet of what wrong happened, hmmmm i get that look in my eye and they say, "mom, i handled it--really i did."---they knew i was going into MOMMY MODE---LOL---Gurl, juss know you're a good momma and i love ya for being just that!----remain blessed!!!!!1

  8. guurrrrl...i struggle with this one all the time....it's my job to protect him, right? in hindsight i always remember it's the Lord's job to watch over him and mine to help guide him....and even though i can barely breathe to think it through...he's protected even when i'm not right there to try and do it! you're a great momma and that's why you do what you do! blessings...


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