May 8, 2009

Gratefulness Week-16

I am grateful for...

Being alive, healthy, and free.
Having the day to reflect, revive, and respond in anyway I wish.
Having God to lead my way in all that I do.
Getting physical again after such a long break.

What are your physical outlets?


  1. i could stare up at the clouds for hours...when i was lil i would lay on our trampeline and just take in the sky. it is a dreamers playland!

    one of my physical outlets is bike rides...i live on an old dirt road so there are lots of places to explore and discover.

  2. I just love when the sky is bright blue and filled with large white clouds!! So pretty! So many things to be grateful for... and walking though large parks is my physical outlet right now!! LOL


  3. I think you are so right to be grateful for freedome Gerri. We take it for granted here in the western world! We also take it for granted psychologically - we have the freedom to choose to see beauty and be grateful.

  4. I love to bike ride and take long walks. I'm still waiting for my ankle to heal so I can't wait to jump right back into some exercise. It really helps the body and spirit:)

  5. getting out for a good walk with that bright blue sky and puffy clouds above me...that's a great physical outlet!

    being able to move my body and use it for what God purposed is enough to get me to smile and give thanks!

  6. What a nice picture. I love staring at the sky! It is so peaceful and enchanting! Hope your weekend is happy!


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