May 22, 2009

Gratefulness Week-18

I am grateful for...

Celebrating my 13th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband!
(on Memorial's Day)
The month of May. It has been a whirlwind of great movie releases!
Hanging out and having fun with friends.
Weekend naps. I discovered these in my 30s-they rock!!!

Do you have any big celebrations coming up?

peace and harmony to you


  1. To God be the glory---congratulations on your special day--and what a beautiful couple you both are---i wish you love peace happiness and joy and may God contiue blessing---remember to always keep God at the head and not the tail of your relationship--keep your business to yourself and love one another unconditionally---i am so proud of the both of you---live in the moment and remain blessed!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple!! You know, a weekend nap does sound heavenly. I think our biggest celebration will be the end of the hectic school year in June. Hooray for lazy, summer days:)

  3. happy, happy anniversary to's so amazing to me and great to see couples staying it the long haul these days...great for you guys!!! and yes, my brother is coming home from florida for a week to go to my cousin's big, fancy wedding at a country club saturday out of town and we're staying at a hotel overnight and getting all gussied up for it...excited! blessings...

  4. happy anniversary!!! i hope it was wonderful :) i love weekend naps, i am still learning how to do them right. when i fall asleep in the midday i almost never want to wake up....i know there is an art to them...i will figure it out through lots of practice :) hahah

  5. congratulations!!! That's a wonderful accomplishment for people so young. Sounds like a terrific weekend. We had some great times just the three of us too. The weather cooperated for a change:)

  6. So excited for your anniversary, you guys are the awesome-ness!!! Love you.

    And weekend naps are the greatest, so relaxing, though I don't get them in very often. I think I need to work on that.



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