May 27, 2009

Gratefulness Week-19 Award Edition

::grab and Inspire::
This award lives on the pages of one of the women who inspires me! She created it to share with others. Thank you EssenseVibez!!!

I am grateful for the inspiration and encouragement that these ladies give me:

is a striking and beautiful woman. She has so much creativity and love for others. She has such a rich and cool vibe. She inspires me to see my beauty, explore other creative souls, and love every ounce of who I am.

is a very talented and gentle soul. Each one of her photographs and witty quotes inspire deep emotion in me. I am always moved by seeing the beauty that she shares with us through her creativity. I often tell her she has no idea how talented she is...

is a green Momma like me. She is so industrious and a wonderful photographer, capturing delightful moments of her family and friends. She has a special place in my heart, I just love her!!!

is a teacher like me. She is also a newlywed. I love her wonderful photos of awesome moments with children. She also shares the love she has for her husband. She reminds me of my first few years as a married young woman.

is a Momma and wife like me. She puts her honesty and emotions right there on the page for all to reflect upon. I love her beauty and raw approach to mother-hood. She has a story to tell in each entry and I look forward to reading every word.

is a Momma and wife too. She works so hard to take care of her children and be supportive to her husband. She reminds me of how women are the glue for their household. She is also a poet. I love sitting back and taking in the lyrics of her poems...amazing.

much love sisters!!!


  1. wow---i didnt know people were really sharing my award on blogs---but i'd like to thank you for featuring it on your blog---i gave this award to you for your uniqueness---you're a good wife and mother and you love God--what more can a woman ask for in a friend---you have all the other qualities that are requires in building a friendship with me---plus, you have a beautiful smile!!!---live in the moment and remain blessed!!!

  2. thank you so much gerri! you are such an encouragement :) you have a beautiful way of bringing out the best in people. your joy and passion for your loved-ones is so inspiring!

    you are a gem!

  3. Gerri, if anyone deserves this award, it is definitely you! Thank you for sharing it with me though. You are such a great friend and an inspiration. I just love that you bring out the best in me, in everyone you meet and come in contact with. You are a beautiful and amazing woman, wife, mother and child of God. I'm so blessed that you're in my life!!


    freshmommyblog.comPS. Hope you're joining in on Sunday Citar tomorrow ;)

  4. Gerri, your friends have all said it so beautifully in these comments. But I will add that sometimes you meet people and their warmth radiates even through the computer airwaves. I always say to Kelly (Septermom) that I wish we were neighbours so that we could meet for coffee and just spend some time sharing and laughing. I can truly say I extend that to you as well. You're just one of those kindred spirits I'm glad to know! Thank you for your thoughtful words in giving me this award!

  5. Gerri, congratulations on this award! Well deserved. You spread such love and goodness in this "blogosphere". I'm so pleased to have you as one of my blogging buddies! Thank you so much for passing this wonderful award on to me! Like Kim, I wish we could all get together on a nice Sunday afternoon.

  6. uhmmmmmmm---could u email me--i do not have your email addy to send you stuff---LOL

  7. Gerri -- Congratulations about the's well deserved. Reading your post and what you've gotten from your online friends was inspiring.

    I'm always amazed at the deep connections people can make online. We make friends with people we may never meet...all by sharing our words and photos...kind of cool, don't you think?


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