May 9, 2009

Missing Him

It has not been 24 hours.
All I did was take in a couple of movies, sleep, and now catch up on emails and blogging.
But the truth is, I miss him.
I miss his face, his smooth skin, and his toothless grin.
I miss my boy.
I am not going to be with him all day.
We will be together again tonight,
and I will probably be wishing for another break from "Mommying".

Moms, try to enjoy some YOU time...peace


  1. I know this feeling! I miss deaglan when I'm at work especially if I know that he is home with Daddy. What a great picture of Noah. He is such a beautiful boy. Aren't we so blessed to have these wonderful creatures in our lives Gerri??!!

  2. Oh, I know that "miss you" feeling! Noah's picture is beautiful. You're a great mom! I left you an award on my blog today:)

  3. Aww, I totally get that!! The weekend before our trip, we left Aliyah with the grandparents over night and hit 2 movies that weekend and did lots... but missed her the whole time!! LOL

    Great pic of Noah... love that eye!

  4. i find myself missin asher too sometimes and i always such intense anticipation in me when i pull up in the drive to see him smiling at the top of the stairs at me when i walk in....there's nothin like it!!! happy mother's day!!! blessings...

  5. Your fine...I can leave comments here:) A very happy Mother's day to you!


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