May 31, 2009

Sunday Citar

My Fresh Mommy friend invited me to join in on Sunday Citar. You can join in too!

Children come into the world as pure promise. It is up to us to feed and nurture that promise.



  1. So glad you played along!! This quote is awesome, and right up our alley... I wouldn't expect anything less from you ;)

    Love you girl, had fun today!


  2. Lovin this photo. it looks like noah is working real hard at getting all the way to the other side.
    Great quote too!

  3. now this is truth! i love his expression...he is determined :) it was fun this afternoon...hope you found some good chapstick :)

  4. He does look like he is working hard.....determination..I like it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. This Sunday Citar is fun!

  5. That picture is so darling and the quote is WONDERFUL ... such a good thing to keep in mind every single day! Have a good one!

  6. Look at Noah's determination! Hooray for him! Terrific photo.

  7. Love your quote. I went over to your friend's blog and really enjoyed her quotes as well.

    What an awesome picture of Noah!


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