June 10, 2009


I made the tough decision to transfer Noah to an independent school last October. He is a brilliant, wild and precious child and the traditional setting was not meeting his needs. The toughest part of this was him losing friendships that he had established from Kindergarten and the first six weeks of first grade. 

Well, Noah and I went back to where he began his first grade experience. They remembered him. They were so excited to see him. He was pretty scared at first but after the first 15 minutes or so he was fine. We stayed over an hour! We played games, passed out M&M cookies, talked with old friends, and found out who was moving and who had moved.

What I learned is that many children have to make changes during the school year. Having went to eight elementary schools (Sorry Mom, I mis-counted) myself, I know a little about this. 
With love and support, our resilient children can conquer any obstacle!

Enjoy these lovely photos. :) By the way, in case you didn't know, CHILDREN ROCK!!!
"Noah, can we have more cookies?"

"Noah, I brought you a chair, you can sit right here next to me."

Two firsts: Noah's first friend (Noah and He were in a home childcare center when he was only 13 months old!)
and Noah's first crush....:)

Thank you, Miss P. :)


  1. This is so great that you took him back for a visit. In his sweet young life this would have been such a neat walk down memory lane. And I do know it. Children rock big time!!

  2. oh this is so great! i am glad he was able to visit with all his friends.

    i have never had to experience this personally, i went to the same school from early 5's to graduation but i did have friends that came and went and i could see that even though it wasn't the most comfortable situation it prepared them for the future.

  3. Awww! So happy he was able to visit his friends:) I loved the pictures you included. They made me smile. So happy!

  4. this is sooo adorable, story, pics and all! i feel your angst, asher is attending a mainstream school for the first time this fall and i'm so nervous for him! but i trust God i made the right decision for him and he will do fantastic...as will noah! blessings...

  5. Kids are wonderful! What a nice time for everyone to get together again. The photos are wonderful:)

  6. Oh wow, I think it is so great that you were able to take him back to see all of his friends. What a wonderful day for him and such a good experience!!


  7. Hello Gerri, great blog. The truth is parents really do know what's best for their kids... your doing fantastic... By the way, love your choices in movies and music... Blessings Pastor B -)


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