June 6, 2009

Gratefulness Week-20

I am grateful for...

-My boy making lasting friendships at school.
-My BIG boy completing his year by going to his overnight "All School" sleepover.
-My son moving up to the next "Groupers"--the "7,8,9 ers"
-My little man's love of reading, 
and I quote-"I wanted to read, I love to read, but she made me play."
-God's blessings of finding this place and helping Devin and I afford it.
-Oh, I am also grateful that I am "penning" this entry as I sit at my desk in my new study. 
(pics to come)


  1. oh what a great list! i love that pic...so sweet :)

  2. I love this. I love reading what you're grateful for:) It makes me stop and thank God for the things he's blessed me with.

    You are so blessed!

  3. Such wonderful things to be grateful for too! Love the pic...they look so happy ;)

  4. Gerri, this is awesome. Noah is an incredible son, and you are a proud mama for a good reason!! He is definitely worth being grateful for!! And I can't wait to see your study!


  5. Hooray for your new study! That's going to be a favorite place of yours for years to come. Love the photo and wonderful gratefulness list. Happy kids are always the greatest treasure.


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