June 12, 2009

Gratefulness Week-21

I am grateful for...
-Spending some quality time with my son.
-My friend Briony telling me about this website

I created this little piece of art. I call it "GROOVE".
What a fun way to be expressive!

In what ways do you like to be creative?


  1. Haha, love this... it does look groovin'!


  2. Amazing---we have the same tatse---i picked the same shirt but found something different--didnt want you to think i was stealing from you--LOL---getting ready to post mine in a few minutes---thanks for sharing!--remain blessed!!!

  3. Love it! That site can be such a "time suck" but it's so much fun! Great collage you made here :)

  4. yay! hahah i love seeing what everyone else makes...this is so fun :)

  5. Love the color, texture, variety and overall feel of this collage! Very cool, Gerri:)

  6. What a great collage you've put together. I had heard of this site but haven't tried it yet. My problem is that I would want to go out shopping and find the outfit;)

    Have a great weekend Gerri!


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