June 19, 2009

Gratefulness Week-22

My backyard in the rain

I am grateful for...

~The rain coming and doing a "cleansing". 
Everything seems greener, fuller, and smells great.
~Skirts and sandals...
~My son wanting to take the camera with us today. 
He says, "We can take pictures if we find something interesting."
~Books-I have always loved reading, as far back as I can remember.
~God's gift of life, love, and opportunity.
Each moment is an opportunity to be alive and show love to myself and others.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Your son is a photographer at heart! What a nice interest for him to build on :) I'm so grateful for books too. We've had A LOT of rain here this week. I'm very grateful to see the sun today!

  2. WOW that is one beautiful green back yard. I wrote a post on gratitude on my Zen In You blog. There is much to be grateful for!

  3. i love the smell after a good rain..its fresh and clean.

    i am a lover of books as well...even though i haven't had the time to spend with them lately.

  4. Books I too am grateful for. You should list some of your favourites - maybe I'll get some ideas. What a great thing that Noah is onto - photography!

  5. i am grateful for friends like you to me...and noah to asher....amen! blessings...

  6. I am with you on EVERY SINGLE ONE... and I especially love skirts and sandals! :)


  7. I am grateful that I survived my weight lifting class after a month of not touching the weights.

    I am grateful for my family, my friends, my animals, and pair of blue birds I saw today.

    As it's almost 102 degrees today, I am grateful to whoever discovered air conditioning!

    I am grateful for bloggers who make me think about what I'm grateful for.

    Thanks for this gentle reminder of the importance of gratitude:~)


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