June 1, 2009

The Study Begins

I have a new project.
I need a place to work, pray, read, and reflect.
A good friend has her OWN study in her house.
I am inspired.
I am going to create a study....
I am so excited!

These pics are my inspiration.

This last one is my favorite...


  1. I have my own study and its fantastic. I highly recommend setting up a place for yourself, its delightful :)

  2. Good luck Gerri! It will be so nice to have a place for just you:) I would love a study, now I settle for a part of the dining room table!

  3. Good luck! I love to do stuff like that. Take some pics and let us know how it turned out ;).

  4. love the top inspiration pic! when i had my apartment i converted my back porch into my study...i work best when enveloped by nature :)

  5. you have such a big, beautiful house it shouldn't be a problem...i don't even have my own room, lol! blessings...

  6. that sounds like fun! i love browsing through magazines and pics to inspire me with a home project. sometimes we just need that little push! good luck!

  7. I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the progress. You'll make a totally awesome study, and you deserve one!!

    Love those inspiration pics!



  8. OH this would be so nice. I wish we had a room I could turn into a sanctuary for myself. Would love to see the after pics!

  9. i'm really liking the last one two... I would go from there. Make a little hut in the back yard, and Noah or Devon may not come in, LOL


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