July 21, 2009

Books, Movies, and Music

When I was little I fell in love with three things.
Books, Movies, and Music.
I think it was genetics.

My Dad was always reading some adventure paperback, watching and taking me to all sorts of movies, playing smooth tunes, and taking me to book stores.

I keep a list on the right side of my blog of the last 10 movies I have seen along with my rating.
(Yes, I am qualified to give my opinion. Over the past 19 years, my husband has become "Ebert", I am "Siskel" and my brother-in-law is "Roeper"--LOL)

My blog girlfriend Kim suggested that I share some books that I like to read.
So, look to the right to find five titles that I read and loved. I will update this from time to time.

Enjoy. :)


  1. I LOVED Song of Solomon! Toni Morrison is one of my favorite authors. I always take a look at your movie reviews. I have to live vicariously through your appreciation since I'm stuck watching little kid shows for now:) Books, music and movies are all important to me too! They keep life fun and interesting.

  2. i never noticed your movie list...i am a lover of all three of the things you mentioned in this post.

    i agree with most of your movie reviews out of the ones i've seen :) other than Public Enemies, I wasn't too impressed with the story line, it was a lil anti climatic for me. But Depp's acting definitely saved it from being horrible.

  3. Gerrie! I have read two of the five books but am really excited about having three new ones to add to my list. I loved Cane River and Song of Solomon!! I just knew that we would have similar tastes in reading material.

  4. HOw neat to have a list of favorite books and movies. I love when people give book lists that they recommend, b/c a good book can be somewhat hard to find :). I have to say that I fell in love with magic, books and music when I was a kid too, and I am hoping that my little ones might enjoy the same. Thanks for sharing


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