July 10, 2009

Gratefulness Week-24

A beautiful flower I found in Savannah-This one is for YOU Dad-Haha!

I am grateful for...

-The opportunity to travel.
-A wonderful family.
-Time to spend with that family.
-Coming home to even more family.

Where do you want to travel to?



  1. I am so grateful for family...

    But if I could travel anywhere...today I would like to go to the redwood forest and sit beneath a mammoth sized tree. Feel the cool shade and hear nothing but birds and the scrambles of critters...maybe even doze off for a spell...

    One can dream right! LOL.

  2. So glad you had a great time!! We missed you here... but fun little adventure breaks are always needed... sounds like yours was a good one :)


  3. That's a beautiful flower. I enjoy traveling down the block holding my daughter's hand and watching my boys happily ride their bikes. It's a pleasant, happy journey filled with pure joy. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time with your family! Lovely moments in life.

  4. Great pic... I would like to take Kathi to Australia, of course bring her back too... LOL :) Ps B

  5. hi friend! i am so glad you had a great time and that you are back :) this is a beautiful flower!

  6. pretty, pretty pic....love the dark spots, especially make it beautiful! so glad you enjoyed your trip and time with family! blessings...


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