July 17, 2009

Gratefulness Week-25

I am grateful for...

-Beginning my weekend with judging a contest.
The contest was a dress-up competition.
The competition was between my husband and my son.

My son won!!!

You may not have noticed that his necklace lights up and he is wearing a "clicker" on his foot.
How could he not win?

In case you were wondering...I have been strictly forbidden to post Devin in his outfit...:)



  1. Congrats to Noah! He knows how to win a competition:) Cute.

  2. Oh, come on Devin, I want to see your outfit, bro... Great stuff...LOL...

  3. i especially love how the 'dora' bad matches the purple slipper on his left foot, lol! yeah for devin for doing such fun silly stuff with his son and good call on noah winning! blessings...

  4. What a fun game!!! I definitely want to see the pics of Devin though, haha. Noah's little outfit here is too funny!


  5. What a creative kid you have! Fun, fun way to spend time. I think so many parents have forgotten to teach their children the good old fashioned ways to have fun.


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