July 25, 2009

Sunday Citar

Join in on the fun!

"Birth is the sudden opening of a window, for which you look out upon a stupendous prospect.
For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything."
William MacNeile Dixon

Here are some highlights from Noah's Birthday Day(s) out:
Birthday treat at Applebees

Racing Daddy at Chuck E Cheese

Riding Rides at Jeepers

It was a GREAT day!!!


  1. Gerri,

    These are great pictures. It's so much to share in the joy of a kid, isn't it:~)

    My kids are grown and gone, but I remember birthday parties at Chucky Cheese. What I remember were the balls the kids could jump in...my girls loved it.

    Thanks for sharing with us:~)

  2. Wonderful pics to go along with your quote! My boys would have loved to come along for that party! So wonderful seeing all of you have fun as a family!

  3. what a fantastic quote...it really says how i view parenting and the complete and total honor God has given us to work with him in raising one of his fine young men!!! so glad you all enjoyed your great day with him! blessings...

  4. Looks like a wonderful day for wonderful parents and a wonderful son... Happy Birthday Noah my friend, Pastor Karl

  5. This looks like it was so much fun. My favourite pic is the one of Noah enjoying his birthday treat at Applebees. Awesome!!

  6. What a great, great time! Love that quote.


  7. These are wonderful photos! Noah had a terrific birthday. My kids like Jeepers too. You have a very handsome boy!


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