August 11, 2009


Why My Momma Rocks:

-She got her first of three tattoos with my husband, brother, sister, Dad, and me a couple years ago.
-Back in the day--She would have seriously beat you down if you messed with her or her kids/grand-kids. Now she will pray and cut you with the WORD (first)!!!
-She has high expectations and does not stand for mediocre.
-She kept us in church and does not stand for any type of disrespect.
-She is a proud black woman who loves ALL people.
-She knows how to have fun.
-When we are out, people think that she is our sister.
-Every time we end our phone call, she says, "Tell Devin I said 'Hey', kiss my baby for me, and I love you.
-She is the BEST sister, daughter, auntie, niece, cousin, sister-girlfriend, sister-in-law, wife, grand-mother, and MOMMA.
-She's MY Momma.

Happy Birthday to a fantastic woman.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Momma! May God continue to bless her with health, love and happiness:) I hope she enjoys her day!

  2. what a great post! happy birthday momma! blessings...

  3. Aww, sweet! Happy Birthday Momma!! We love your momma too!!


  4. this is such a sweet post. what a blessing she is! I hope she had a wonderful bday!

  5. sounds like you have an amazing mother, my mom has a tattoo also, lol, she looks really young in this pic, you are blessed

  6. She sounds just awesome! Happy belated birthday to your momma!!


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