August 22, 2009


I love my hair that my parents gave me. It allows me to wear every style imaginable. I have been wearing my hair in locks for seven years now.
But, I have been bored this past year and have been chopping away.
Recently, I thought about cutting it all the way down to a couple of inches. I realized that I was not ready for that yet...

Here are my stages:
Spring 2008: Very long and even longer in the back.
My gosh I HAVE lost weight. Thank you Jesus!
Spring 2009: Long Bob Style, much shorter in the back.
Today, Summer 2009: Very Short Bob Style.

I am happy, for now...:)



  1. wow gurl--so good to see your hair diary--funny how some women want thier hair long and here you are chopping it off--LOL--i cut 2 inches off of mine in december or january, cant remember--but its back to being long again--ithink i'm going to cut 2 inches off again--it does my ends good--be blessed lil' sistah!

  2. i'll have to say i like this newest one the best since you can't go backwards, LOLOL! be brave with your hair woman! blessings...

  3. Good job with your weight loss... keep it going girl! Your hair looks good either way you sexy lade. ;)

  4. i am not that brave. i could never go that short...but i love all the styles on you!

  5. I love seeing all your beauty in stages. You look great in every style. I do think that the short bob is so cute and frames your face nicely.

  6. Wow, that's cool that you have options. The short bob is probably great for the summer. Like I always say, it's only hair and it will grown back, so we can start all over again.

  7. Gerri -- I envy you so much!!! I would love to wear my hair the way you do and to be able to make so many changes. You look great in all the pictures. You also have a wonderful smile:~)

  8. Love the locks and bob combo!! You are so beautiful!!


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