October 1, 2009

Grand-Parents' Day

Recently, Noah's school had Grand-Parents' Day.

We stood in as Grand-Parents because Devin's family members were dealing with a heart procedure (all is well) and my family lives 12 hours away.

It was fun. Check out highlights from the day below. :)

Guy Lewis came and taught the crowd about instruments from all over the world.
The children were quite involved. (Noah is in the blue shirt on the stage)

This is Anissa's Group/Noah's class.
Phil, the director, is saying how much energy this group has and that we should have much sympathy for what Anissa's role is with these lovely children. :)

Back in the room, we are listening to the finches chirp and enjoying the surroundings.

The brilliant boys create an impromptu rock hockey game on top of the table.
Boys rock!

After Grand-Parents and Parents share something from when they were 7 or 8, we had cider and doughnuts.

The group expressed how they feel when they are with their Grand-Parents.

I am thankful for the love and care that PaPa-Mark, Mama D-Donna, PaPa-Johnny, and Booki-Janet show to Noah.

peace everyone...


  1. it's so easy to see how you adore your child....which makes us adore you! looks like a great time! blessings...

  2. What a lovely day to celebrate! I'm glad that everyone had a terrific time. Noah is lucky to have such a loving, wonderful family. Love that impromptu hockey game. My sons would have joined in for sure!

  3. awwww that sounds like fun. woot to grandparents day

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures and wonderful day. I know my kids build lost of memories on Grandparent's Day at school...as well as our parents.

  5. What a great looking day, a wonderful way to celebrate, and a very sweet looking classroom.

  6. Looks like a great day... at such a great school. Love this Gerri, and the awesome time you spend with your family.



  7. That sounds like such a fun day! I love that the school celebrates this day. It's so important to cherish these family members.


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