October 22, 2009

Party at Gerri's


Bring Your

Own Rake!

Happy Fall Everyone! :)

much love


  1. I'm so not coming. LOL. I'm glad we don't have a yard to rake. LOL. Good luck.

  2. Fall is here for sure! My kids hate when we rake our leaves. They love to jump on in the piles!

  3. i love fall...the tree in front of my office is raining shades of gold. it is fabulous.

    have fun :)

  4. Geri -- Don't just love FALL. I liked this post. At first, I was like what is B.Y.O.R. and then, of course your lovely photos quickly informed.

    Where I live, we still haven't experience fall. As a matter of fact, today we're having an all time high for this time of year. Our leaves haven't even begun to show much color...so part of me envies you...just not raking:~)

    p.s. I like your music choices!

  5. I just love the fall colors. The pictures are so beautiful. We get none of that here in the desert.

  6. funny, would love to join your party, but i have a maple that produces about 15 bags of leaves by its self in my front yard,


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