January 27, 2010

Natural Health

3 year old Gerri

Over the past few days I have been in a fight. A fight to be able to breathe and function without coughing.

Truth is, I have battled health issues all my life and have made the decision to eat and live cleaner.

This has caused me to also use as much natural health remedies as possible. Along with prayer, I use essential oils, herbs, and supplements to treat sicknesses for my family.

The benefit is that I know that nothing synthetic or icky is going into my body.

When you are ill one of the key remedies is REST. The cost is that I can't push through illness like I used to do.

I actually saw an add on the TV yesterday that said just that, "Take this medicine so that you can push through and get through your day!" (It was one of those take this one for day and then take this one for night deals that I SO used to take)

I am thankful that I am using some of God's creations to heal myself.
I am thankful that I can not push through this current illness.
I am thankful that my body is getting the rest that it needs.



  1. Gerri, I hope you feel better soon. Keep resting, my friend. Listen to your music. I know that helps you feel good:)

  2. Be blessed and healed in Jesus name! You are making great decisions, and I'm sure your body is happy about that. It was created to be able to take care of itself, we just have to learn to listen to what it needs, and it sounds like you are doing just that :)

  3. God is good and I'm praying for healing over your body!

  4. I hear you...I used to push and push and take all that stuff. Now, that I don't take it anymore, just really take care of myself, with rest and natural stuff, I get well much sooner. Bless you and get well soon!

  5. Amen sister, agreeing with you for total health, in Jesus name... you are making right choices, and that is what matters... blessings, pastor Karl

  6. Prayers to you (which help :) )... and perhaps a steamroom too?! :)


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