January 19, 2010

New Header

Thank you to my friend Briony for her creativity.

Bri designed my new groovy header just for me.

She knows I am such a hippy at heart!

Big hugs to you Honey and as always, much...


  1. That is so cute! Briony did a terrific job. Really nice.

  2. THIS IS YOU and Kudos to Briony for feeling you... Looks Groovy Baby!

  3. I agree... totally you!!! I love it. It made me smile when Bri emailed it to me to show me, that's exactly how I answered, "It's so Gerri, and so cute!!" Love ya! :)

  4. I really like the new header and it suits you perfectly. I love your gentle spirit and it is reflected in what you say here!


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