February 9, 2010

Count Down Day-3

Devin and I used to write each other letters when we were falling in love as college-teenagers.

I decided to write him a letter today.
He thought it was very sweet.

I am learning that I need to do some of these surprise "love" gifts more often.

much love


  1. Oh you are so right to post this. I remember writing to Shaune all the time. Now I can barely imagine it. Hope you are well my sweet friend.

  2. You're totally inspiring me to do more... just because. I love this!

  3. HEY BEAUTIFUL---you are such an inspiration to all wives who want to do more for their hubby's--i know this man loves him some Gerri!!!

  4. You're amazing Gerri! So lovely how you are "proactive" with showing your love for your husband! Wonderful!


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