February 7, 2010

Count Down Day-5

Have any of you ever watched The Unit?
If not, it is a show that used to come on CBS. Devin and I were faithful watchers.

It was about the lives of military men in a secret unit and their wives.
On one episode, Jonas left his wife, Molly, a secret message.
He left her a number code that went along with a book in their home.

That is what I created for Devin today.

"I Love you.
Your secret is in the dryer."

He thought that was pretty cool.



  1. We loved watching the Unit!! What a fun surprise, I bet he did get a kick out of it!

  2. The Unit was a great show. You are once again right on top of things in the romance surprise department.

  3. you are soo creative. i love it! i never saw the show but it sounds cool.


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