February 5, 2010

Count Down Day-7

My husband Devin's birthday is in 7 days.
He wouldn't let me throw him a party this year...
But, I still wanted to kick it UP a notch!

He once gave me a birthday week so I decided to do that for him.

My goal is to make this birthday exciting, fun, and practical.
I wanted to tap a bit more into my creativity.
So for day 7, I used hand-written riddles on colored paper as clues for him.
He followed the clues as they lead him around the house.

He eventually figured out "fish".
Inside of the cabinet at the bottom of his HUGE tank (40 gallons I think), I hid the gift...

I know you want to know what the gift is.
But, Devin is a pretty private person and some things he would want to keep to himself.
I respect that about him.

For the rest of the count down I'm not sure how he will "find" his gifts.
I am going to let each day "move" me and create as I see fit.

peace and creativity


  1. You are one creative and clever wife! You are keeping him on his toes. I'm sure he'll have a great birthday with you working out all the surprises behind the scenes :)

  2. You're so creative:) What a wonderful birthday week!


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