February 1, 2010

The Happy List

My bloggy friend Kim invited me to share 10 things that make me BlissFuLLy HaPpy. :)

1. Spending time in relationship with God.

2. Quiet moments with my husband, Devin.

3. Nurturing my son, Noah.

4. Thoughts of nurturing my future daughter.

5. The right mixture of essential oils in a warm bath.

6. Fresh air.

7. The feeling of being caught up on all my projects.

8. A good movie, popcorn, and a frozen

9. My music collection.

10 Family and friend get-togethers.

Anyone who would like to blog their Happy List feel free to share!!!



  1. Happy List; fresh air, God, long walks, spending time with family, writing..

  2. I think I'm in complete agreement with all of the above... great list! Happy list :)

  3. Geri -- I loved this blissful post:~)

    What's this about a future daughter? Wow! Also, I was slightly taken back by the frozen coke...I never tried that before. Sounds interesting:~)

    Hey, I have a confession to make. You recently visited my site and the post: Picture Story: Picture Play.

    I need to clarify something because everyone got confused by the last clue. The place you live in isn’t the object itself, but has the same name. Sorry about the confusion:~(

  4. such a good list...i am right there with you on quite a few. if i were married and had kids i'd be with you on all of em :)

    love you!

  5. I'm happy from reading your list :) I love how you added your music collection. You're a girl after my own heart :)

  6. sounds like the perfect lists, in Jesus name your going to have a future daughter and I am going to have a future son...


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