March 30, 2010


Glass is one of my favorite materials.

For a while, I was really into creating mosaic art using cut glass.

I haven't done this in a while. Maybe...(that idea will have to wait for another post)

I am beginning a creativity course next week.
Here is the beginning of the art supplies that I have gathered from around my house.
(Being a retired classroom teacher, yes, these things were right on-hand).

I love storing my materials in glass.
You can see exactly what is in the container and the colors shine through.
I also love the shimmery effect that glass has...ahhh...

I am excited, I can't wait!



  1. I am excited for you! You are an amazingly creative woman, and I'm sure you'll really enjoy yourself in your class. Looking forward to hearing all about it. I can't wait to have enough room to store my craft items. I like them in glass as well. Love you! :)

  2. Hey Artistic one! Enjoy your new class!

  3. The course sound interesting...good luck with it. Just looking at all those colors makes me happy.

  4. That is exciting! Looks like fun. What a great way to explore creativity through that medium.

  5. You are ready!! How awesome!! I have to find a store out here to get my supplies!!



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