April 23, 2010

The Book of Love--Update "The Love Dove"

We are heading into our third month of the book and we have noticed the weekly dares are becoming more involved.
This week we were to bring home something special for each other.

I picked Devin a nice ripened cantaloupe (his favorite fruit) and made him a healthy cucumber, blackberry, and melon smoothie.
The rest I cut up and left it in the fridge.
He likes it chilled and would eat the entire melon, if he could!

He brought me these beautiful flowers. They smell wonderful...

The Love Dare is amazing and helps us tune into each other.

Why, did I also title this post The Love Dove?
Well, on the book, the title is written in cursive and Noah insists that it is The Love DOVE not The Love Dare.

Hey, I don't mind. The dove is a symbol of peace that God sent to Noah after the flood, along with the rainbow.

And, you should know by now that
I love LoVe, NoAh, and PeAcE.


  1. And those flowers are gorgeous!! A perfect kind of dare ;)

  2. this seems like such a great idea! I would like to do this. blogging is great for getting ideas of what to do isn't it?


  3. What a great idea:~) I should give this a try with my boyfriend. We haven't been sharing our caring for each other enough lately.

    Thanks, Gerri:~)

  4. Love the color of those flowers! Very pretty.


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