April 5, 2010

A Generous Heart

This past Saturday, my boy Noah was out with his Dad and decided that I "needed" to have these for Easter.

He wanted ME to get something for Easter. How sweet...

On Easter evening my husband and I fell asleep, like we do most Sundays...
We woke to being told about this:

Noah received these popsicle makers for Easter from his Bookie and put them right to work.
He wanted to make sure that we knew to not touch them because they were still freezing.

He made one for his Dad and one for me, none for himself (WOW).
The cutest thing is that he was asking me how to spell "please" and "touch" while I was trying to sleep.
I had no idea. :)

He is such a generous little soul.

I worry sometimes about him being the only child, for now, and what that adds to his path of social development.
"Is he selfish or is he ungrateful?"
Well, no more worries...

peace and love everyone


  1. First of all, I just want to say that my heart melted (excuse the pun) at the sight of this! How sweet and adoreable is he? The flowers? Gorg! (Yellow roses are my favorite). Anyhow, don't worry too much about that social development thing, as it is obvious that he truly has a giving and loving heart. I've seen that in him even without this act of generosity. Give him kisses from his Auntie! Love ya'!

  2. Noah is one of the most giving and loving persons that I know. You never have to worry about that! Love you!!!

  3. I can tell that Noah is a sweet, generous soul :) And a cutie too!!

  4. I'll bet those popsicles tasted even sweeter knowing your baby made them just for you! Too cute!

  5. He really is so, so sweet. He's got such a great heart, and it's evident. :) Good job mama!

  6. Sounds like you don't have ANYTHING to worry about on that front. He is so thoughtful and generous. I recently won the same popsicle makers at a potluck but haven't gotten around to using them yet. I should take a page out of Noah's book! What beautiful flowers!!!


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