April 2, 2010

A Healthy Pick Me Up



The men hummed the tune "Eye of the Tiger" in order to get their portions down.

They will have to get used to it.
Because in the Smalley house, this is a new routine.

Fresh veggie juice every afternoon (that's my goal).



  1. You go girl!! Whoooo, look at all those beets.. they are potent in juice. :) Nice and healthy though, I love juicing.

  2. Very healthy snack. I should eat more of those :)

    Happy Easter Gerri to you and your family :)

  3. Hey! Looks pretty good - but probably takes some getting used to. I should do that too! I think I have a juicer... still in its box, never opened. :) I should really go dig it out of the pantry sometime...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to follow and enter the drawing! Good luck!


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