April 6, 2010

My Right Now...

Right now

I am watching this...

and it's perfectly ok.

What are you doing right now?



  1. What a beautiful view you have. I'm watching the same thing out my cubicle window. Don't feel bad for me because I feel blessed to have a large window at work. Hope you are well. Hugs.

  2. Right now I am just getting back in the house from playing outside with the kids. (For the second time today). The weather here has been sunny and hot. I love the rain, actually. I enjoy the steady drum of the drops hitting the ground, and windows. It makes for fantastic sleeping weather. :)

  3. That was quite a shower...we needed it:)

  4. in and out of my garden, the sun is shining, making a miniature garden with my son, doing 'wreck this journal' (by Keri smith)exercises with him too. He spotted my copy yesterday and wanted to wreck it, so I had to buy him one!!

    Thought I would visit, as another inside out e-course explorer! :)



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