April 29, 2010

Peacefully Paced

A little shot of Savannah, GA 2009

As a woman who is:

-A mom to a little guy who goes to school an hour away from home

-A mom who wants to be active in her son's private school experience

-A "green" mom and wife who feeds her family organic, whole foods as much as possible

-A self-employed, full-time, consultant to schools, families, and children Birth - 5 yrs

-An attentive wife who loves to have dates with her husband

-A servant in church where I teach preschool two Sundays a month

-A family member who attends weekend gatherings and vacations

-A friend who fits in girl get-a-ways and couple/family date nights

-A woman who vows to give herself the joy of creating, being healthy, and balanced...

I have taken on a new way of being....

being, ~peacefully paced~


  1. Gerri, I LOVE this post! Yes, you are all these things and so much more. How inspiring it is to see that you do it all in stride, and PACE yourself through it all, to keep from being overextended. Beautiful! :)

  2. And someone will will come over at the drop of a hat just because they are that kind of person! (and get others addicted to chocolate covered cranberries) I LOVE YOU GERRI!!! I count it all joy to have you in my life.

  3. YES!! i so love this. xoxo,

  4. Gerri, you do all these things and so much more beautifully and with your lovely, peaceful ways...

    You're an inspiration :)


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