May 25, 2010

Happy 14th Anniversary

Handpainted pieces created for the Smalleys by Hannah

14 Years ago...

-After having planned every detail of my wedding, I handed all responsibility over to my future husband and had faith that all would go I went to get my hair done...

-A charter bus pulled in from Kentucky full of Devin's extended family.
-Many of my family pulled in from Virginia.
-Friends and family came in from all over Michigan.
-My girlfriends and brothers worked hard to get things ready...

-The park was ready for the wedding.
-The church was ready for the reception.
-The sun was shining bright.
-My Mom and Dad were ready to do the ceremony...

-My friends were ready to sing their hearts out, their versions of Ribbon in the Sky and Endless Love.
-Everyone was in their designated spots.
-The moment was perfect,

-I married my man.

Happy Anniversary Baby!


  1. LOVE IT;-]May you be blessed beyond measure in the years to come... Kellie

  2. Happy Anniversary! Those paintings are awesome :) Love you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your man :) Great paintings. Sounds like the perfect wedding.

  4. It was a beautiful weddingand has been a wonderful marriage. I love you both and my sweet, sweet grandson, Noah!

  5. I truly admire you! happy annivesary

  6. Those are awesome!!! A perfect fit for your anniversary! I love that you had them done custom for you :)

  7. Beautiful paintings! Happy anniversary, sis. Tell Dee the same for me. I love you both very much, and you inspire us to make it that far one day, too. :)


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