May 7, 2010

Spreading the Love

My little brother Archie is a Minister of God's love.

He doesn't have a blog, so I wanted to share with you what he is doing right now.

He is in India. Praying and sharing the Word of God with people who need to hear it.

Here are his words....

"Greeted by children and workers at the orphanage. Given gifts of garland to wear around my neck."

"Man! Did I feel the LOVE!! :)"

"I love what I do for God!"

"Praying for Hindus and Christians in the alley of a rural part of India. They are hungry for God's love here."

Archie, I love you and I am so very proud of you!
Love your Big Sis.


  1. I love these pictures that so effectively portray both, the love he shares with others, and the love they give right back to him. You must arrange for Team lusk to meet him!

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  3. ' Awesome post, Gerri, love is what
    makes change, it won't shrink, never fades and comes in all shades.....thank God for Archie and his love to see others loved. Love is of God, and everyone who does it loveth God.

    Love You Dad

  4. This post put a big smile on my face. The love that is shared between God, your brother and the people of India, is obvious. It takes a special heart to be in the mission ministry, and it is clear that Archie has that. I know you and your family are SO proud of him! :)

  5. He has a true vocation and celebrates it! How wonderful that he shares God's love and joy with all around him. Beautiful pictures! God bless him.

  6. wow - what amazing work, it makes me want to cry!!!



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