June 10, 2010

Camping at Tamarck

I adore my husband he is amazing...

He recently chaperoned an overnight camping trip with our son's class.

Some key points you should know:

-There had been severe thunderstorms throughout the entire two days prior to the trip. They ended in just enough time for the children to have a great first evening.
(At our school we say there are FIVE seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, MUD!!! and Spring)
-There was only a pump in the ground for running water.

-There was only an outhouse for bathrooming.

-There was no heat or electricity.

-He was the only man on the trip.

-He had to hike in the pitch-black (twice) because a car broke down, two children got sick, there were several (in the middle of the night) potty runs

-The next day, the hike back to school was 3 miles long.

Finally, Devin has never been camping in his life...
Do you see why I love this man!?!?!

Here is the rest of the story in pictures...enjoy.
Noah LOVED the fire, but not the black marshmallows...:)

The children were so happy and tired...

But, they made it back to school and can you say "pure joy"?

Noah was exhausted when I got him home.


  1. BRAVO Devin!!! I'm so proud of him. What an amazing father he is, and Noah is blessed to have him as his dad. It's things like this that Noah will tuck away in his heart for the rest of his life. Beautiful!

  2. So now are you calling Devin "Mountain Man?" LOL. He is an amazing man and father. How sweet that he gave his all for those kids. You two are such a lovely couple generous in every way.

  3. Woah! That's waaaaay more than I'd want to tackle. Way to go Devon... he's a hero!

  4. Oh my goodness. He is wonderful! How could you NOt love someone like that : ) Does he ever want to go camping again? I am not a huge camping fan at all!

  5. that looks awesome...i use to love camp when i was a kid. my mom was always there :) we should get a group together and rent a cabin for a weekend and explore the upper penninsula.


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