July 19, 2010

Full Time-Part Time-Full Time Again

Arizona sky courtesy of my friend Lynette

I have worked for my own money since I was 14 years old. 23 years later, I was looking foward to slowing down a bit and working part time.

But, plans change. Cars need to be replaced, student loans resurface, and healthy food must be purchased.

I'm ok with this (I will be ok). I'm more than ok, because, my son will continue to be able to attend his amazing school and we will be able to continue putting the best ingredients on and in our bodies.

It's a shame quality costs SO much.

But we are worth it!

I will have to achieve a better balance though. No more putting myself last.

So here's to more prayer, music, creative art journaling, get-a-ways, massages, pedicures, plays, theater, nature walks, sailing, movies, museums and whatever else I LOVE to do to achieve that balance.

Oh and naps too....



  1. Yes sis, it is a shame that quality costs so much. But the way I see it is that you either pay for it now, or later (i.e. high medical bills from not eating healthy).

    Despite it all, you have a fantasic outlook on things. And you KNOW I'm nodding my head in agreement and giving you virtual hi-fives on all the things you are looking forward to doing. I'm right there with you with no longer putting myself last. It makes for better wives, mommies, and women. Good for you! :)

  2. You ARE worth it! And the upfront cost might be more for the quality, but the long-term costs are less.

    High hopes for the harmony you seek--you are a BOLD explorer and will find your way. :)

  3. I know you will find ways to keep the beautiful balance that is Gerri going and going. Wish I could join you for one of those nature walks :) Would be fun! Now should I go and take a nap??? LOL.

  4. And I wish I could join you for one of those pedicure/spa days! And naps oh I know some day they will again be a part of my vocabulary.


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