July 22, 2010

Our Miracle--Noah's Story

Our son is a miracle. Every child is. But, this little guy is truly a representation of God's hand in our family's life.

Gerri's Story: I was not supposed to have been born. My Mom was told that as a fetus I was too unhealthy and that she should let me go. She went to sleep to have the painful surgery and woke up to find herself still pregnant. 3 out of 4 doctors had signed the release. 1 did not. He said, "There is a chance that the baby may be normal." So, here I am 37 years later...

Devin's Story: Devin, Noah's Dad, was a rough pregnancy for his Mother. And at 31, not 40, weeks he was born into this world...feet first. Yeah, babies aren't supposed to come into the world like that. Too many risks. Too many chances for complications. But, Devin went home from the hospital healthy, 2 weeks later.

Noah's Story:

After 4 years of trying to conceive, 4 various doctors and a battery of tests for the both us, the final verdict: "It is IMPOSSIBLE for the two of you to conceive." (God likes these kinds of challenges!)

We prayed and asked God to heal our bodies. He did, and I conceived naturally.

Five weeks into the pregnancy, my blood test results were, and I quote the nurse, "Not looking very good at all." I went in for an ultrasound to see if there was hope. The technician's face lit up..."Mrs. Smalley, you see that flash right there, that's your baby's heartbeat. You're still pregnant."

31 weeks in, after a long day of work...my water broke and I was rushed to the hospital. After a couple of days, I began to feel pressure and no one believed I was in labor. I convinced them by letting out lots of noises...the doc checked me. He said, "Prep her for general surgery, she is 10 and fully effaced and his foot is out!" They told Devin, the surgery was really difficult because Noah was stuck in my pelvis for a while...

On July 22, 2002, Noah was born 4lbs 1oz. For the first few hours, he only had an IV for nourishment. Over time that changed...

He lived in the NICU and battled several illnesses. I remember having a notepad where I listed all of his illnesses. I prayed for his complete healing of each one. As God healed him, I crossed the illness off. After a month of battling, he came home to us at exactly 4lbs.

Thank God he had a breathing and heart monitor because one evening, he stopped breathing and we rushed him to the emergency room. His heart would beat very slow at times, and his little chest would almost stop moving. He would cry and nothing would come out...he had pneumoniaGod touched the hand of one of the doctors and that man helped my tiny, 8lb boy breathe again. After a few days in the PICU he came home to us, again.

Over the years, Noah has battled a variety of medical issues. But Praise GOD, today, there are no lasting effects. His eye sight, hearing, breathing, brain, and physical functions are wonderfully perfect. He is gifted in reading, math, science, drama, yoga, karate, and spiritually. (These are the words of others-not mine).

Today, his Dad and I wish him HaPpY EiGtH BiRtHdAy!!!

He is truly an inspiration. He reminds us to love each other, give to others, and be thankful.

peace and love


  1. Wonderful.... Thank you for sharing. That is an AWESOME testimony. and YES he is! Happy B-Day Noah!

    Love - The Grayhek's

  2. You all have amazing stories. I got a little teary eyed there reading Noah's. He's such a sweetie, and I'm so glad I got to spend the summer with him. :)

    Happy 8th BIRTHDAY NOAH you are an amazing boy and you have such a heart full of love and compassion for your parents and others around you. We look forward to seeing how God is going to use you in amazing ways in the years ahead....
    HUGS, Kellie,John and Brennah

  4. Sis, tears are in my eyes reading this as I think back to those times. What a testimony really for the three of you. What a MIGHTY God we serve! God has His hands all over my sweet nephew, and I know that whatever it is that God has in store for his life, it's gonna be AWESOME!

    I am so grateful for the blessing Noah has been to DeNeil. Not only are they family, but they are the best of friends, even many miles and several states away. That makes my heart full with joy.

    Happy Birthday to Noah, and Happy BIRTH-Day to you. His life wouldn't be possible without your love, strength, faith, nurturing and determination for him to come into existence. Love you, honey! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to wonderful Noah!! You shine with life in all that you do apparently. God bless you and your loving parents!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Noah!

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of it all with us, Gerri!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! What a miracle he truly is and it's wonderful that you and Devin are such loving parents too. Happy belated birthday handsome boy! Sounds like you are loved very much. And this world needs as many spiritually minded man as it can get!

  8. Gerri, this brought tears to my eyes. I never knew all this and it's amazing to see what God really does for those who are faithful to him!
    I was also told I would never have a baby, but God has blessed me with my amazing boy.

    I love your blog :)

  9. Happy 8th Birthday Noah!!!!
    We miss seeing you at the office. Tell your amazing mom to bring you back in sometime! Hope you're having fun in the new school year!

  10. My goodness! What a wonderful story of what God can do and his love! I should have taken my man pills as my Father would say! Thank you for sharing that with the internets, people need to hear this.

  11. I'm just reading this now. Gerri. You are blessed. xo

    1. Thank you Bella! Yes, truly blessed. ;) xxO


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