August 18, 2010

Noah's Big Day

Noah had such a wonderful birthday party a couple of weeks back.

Having planned an outside park party, we had been a bit concerned because the weather forecast was rain and storms for the day.
Thank God there was no rain or storms during our party....

We had so much fun celebrating with him, 30 children, and their families.

My good friend Crystal took all of these pics for me.
I was too busy being a Mom and hostess!
She did a beautiful job...

The theme was "water guns"

and "water games".

The children had a blast.

Parents got in on the action too.

My husband and brother-in-love were such good sports during this
"Shoot the Shaving Cream Off" game.

Good cake,

good pizza, and great friends...

P.S. Oh, the rain did come...
We had loaded the last item into our trunk to leave for home and we begin to feel raindrops. As we pulled out of the parking lot, there was a DoWnPouR!!!

Now, tell me my God ain't good!

much love everybody


  1. AWESOME is all I have to say!!! I miss being closer to share in things like this. But, I suppose we make up for it when we do get together. :)

    What a great friend to take pics for you so you could handle all that you needed to. I love the pic of the boys laying on the merry-go-round and of Devin and Dion getting it big time. Awesome. Simply awesome.

  2. Man, I can "feel" the fun that Noah and his friends had. This was wonderful! Devin and Deon were such good sports!!!!!

  3. What an awesome party! All great pictures. I'm so happy that Noah had a terrific time with all his friends :) Looks like fun!

  4. Great party pictures and great idea to have it at a park! I love the shaving cream on the dads idea. Fun fun fun!!

  5. Oh my heart Geri! This looks like it was a PERFECT day. I flipping LOVE the shaving cream game.

    Get out of the city because that is SO cool about the rain! God is good!

    Most of all, Noah looks like he had the most amazing time. Pure awesomeness!

    LOVE Crystal's pictures for sure. I want to move to your neighborhood!


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