September 17, 2010

Gratefulness Week-36-Back to School Edition!

I am grateful for...

-The relationship I have with Noah's teachers.

Upland Hills 2009-2010

Noah is in an older class for math this year. I was terrified, to say the least.
Mainly because I want him to be challenged, but also successful.
The first Monday of school, He brought home this HUGE math book and homework.

Noah in the apple tree parking lot at school

I panicked...
After an hour of homework, tears, (his and mine), we finished.
I then sat down and emailed his teacher for math at 8pm.
She responded. She assured me that all would be well.

She then proceeded to email all of the "newbies" and let
them know

to take a breath too...

Two weeks later...all is well. She says Noah is doing great!

Noah and Micah at Aliyah's BDay bash...

See, the problem was I was doing it the way "I" was taught,
not the way his teacher expects it.
She gets Noah and Noah gets her.
She let me know that, "I could let her teach."
Whew, what a relief!!!

Relationship is so key.
I think as parents, sometimes we are scared to offend. Or, we are worried that the teacher may give our children a hard time if WE ask questions.

But, I learned that by respectfully letting Noah's teacher know I wanted my boy to be successful, that resonated with her.
It caused her to listen and respond with kindness and understanding.

The bonus?
A deeper relationship, peaceful homework nights, and better learning for my boy.

(Photo taken by this AWESOME photographer: Crystal)

How is your school year going?


  1. This has been a terrific school year. Lucy loves it! I am so relieved that all is well in Mathland:)

  2. Oh, and BTW - Those are some pretty fantastic looking Spidermen... if I do say so myself.

  3. you are an amazing momma!

    so glad to hear he is doing better in math, i am sure getting use to the new routine had a lil something to do with it. it is hard changing how you use your time, especially when it is for work and not fun :)

  4. Well, there was not a doubt in my mind that all would work out. You are right, relationship is key to a child's success in school. I'm happy to know that all is well now. As far as our school year is concerned, it is going great. I couldn't have asked for better teachers for the boys. They are hands on, and they value communication also, which I have certainly taken advantage of. Love you guys! :)


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