September 13, 2010

Summer Highlights--The ATL and West Virginia

I love traveling and getting to see family.
This summer we did a "triple-trip" and two of our spots were Atlanta, Ga and West Virginia.

We went to Atlanta for a wedding in Devin's family.

We got in a little R & R too...

Another bonus was I was able to see my niece and two sisters while we were there.

The trip was short but sweet.

We also slipped in an overnight in West Virginia to see this amazing group of people.
(The visit was so quick, I forgot to take a picture, enjoy this shot from this past Spring)

We love these guys.

It is necessary to touch base with your loved ones, even if for a moment...

peace and love


  1. Yes, it is good to squeeze in some time, if just for a bit. I was so happy to see you guys too. OMGosh!!! Donna looks JUST like you!! She has grown up, too. I don't know where the time has gone. Love all the pics, all I can say is that I can't WAIT until next summer...

  2. Those moments with loved ones are precious! Love all the pictures :) It so clear that you and Angela are part of such a big, loving, caring family. God bless you all!


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