October 18, 2010

Summer Highlights--It's Been 20 Years?!?!!!

I really had a blast at my 3-day, 20 year class reunion.

It began on a Friday evening, meeting up with folks I hadn't seen in years...

We then took a cruise along the Detroit River.

It was full of reminiscing and dancing.

We ended the night laughing and looking forward to the next event.

On Saturday, we dressed in our finest Green and White (our class colors).

We had dinner off the river, and danced the night away.

It was such a classy event, a perfect evening.

On Sunday, our families came together.

We had the chance to meet each others' babies and hang out.

One of my classmates, wore our senior shirt from 1990.
She kept hers in perfect condition!!!

Funny thing, we were all SO tired.
The partying from the previous nights had taken its toll!

But, we kept going and smiling.
Well, I wouldn't change a thing.

Even though I was tired, it was a good tired.
You know what I mean?

You see, some of these folks I met when I was only 13 years old.
I missed those simpler times.
I missed those days of wandering downtown Detroit and hanging
with my "Dirty Dozen" family
(that's what my close group of friends called ourselves).
I missed talking about all of our personal issues
and tough classes
and going to bat for each other at the drop of a dime...

Because of this, we have already had a few small gatherings since the reunion.
We plan to keep the love of CT c/o 1990 going...forever...and ever...

peace, love, and reunions....


  1. looks like a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  2. Oh this makes me feel nostalgic for those times too. I'm envious that you did this. Our reunion was just this past February and I was sooooooo pregnant with Naveen and so uncomfortable I opted not to go. A part of me wishes I did though. I didn't really keep in touch with many people from highschool. But it would still be fun to catch up in person and not just on facebook.

  3. You guys know how to do a class reunion. I love the idea of doing it over the course of the weekend. I loved seeing this post, as well as hearing the story straight from you too. It's awesome that you all are also making the time to still keep in touch with one another. :)

  4. you look fantastic and it looks like you had an amazing time :)


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