September 20, 2010

Summer Highlights--The Library!!!

Ever since the day Noah came home from the hospital as an infant,
his Daddy has read to him every night when it was possible.

In between treks to exciting places, this summer,
we spent quite a bit of time at our local library.

They had a really cool reading program going on and
Noah won this book for all of his hard work. :)

Noah LOVES books.

He got it honestly...

I love to read too.
I would read while washing dishes when I was a kid.
I didn't want to put the book down, because it was so good.

My collection as a teacher has become his.
So, his collection keeps growing and growing...

I have to work hard to keep his shelves from overflowing...
Too much of a good thing can be an overwhelming thing.

But, Hey my boy is now reading novels with no pictures,

and that's a great thing!



  1. a lil man after my own heart :)

    i loved the library when i was younger...we would ride our bikes to Linden and check out books and then sit by the pond and read.

    i still love the library but barnes and noble has stolen some of my affection hahah

  2. Ahh...the library. It is by far our favorite place to be too. It must be a family thing, because I have to be sure to take my large tote bag with me for all the books the boys check out. He is very lucky to have a mom like you that values reading so much. Not many kids have that nowadays, and it can be challenging to get boys to develop a love for books. You are doing great, mama! :)


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