October 5, 2010


My brilliant little cousin restored an important photo today,
A photo of my Grand-daddy Collins.

You see, I never met him, I never knew him,
I had only heard stories about him.

Now, I have a face. A face that I see myself in.

See how his lip is slightly higher on the right?
See those dimples?
I recognize those ears...
What about that chin....?

Yep, that's my grand-daddy. I can now see his face.
A face that reflects some of my many roots...

much love


  1. Awesome!!!! Sorry that it took so long for you to see this picture.

  2. That's cool!! What a great way to see those awesome roots :)

  3. Gerri, This is sooo cool. This is one of my favorite posts ever (from anybody). I love Geneology. Very, very neat. I'm so glad you shared this.

  4. that is amazing, your cousin did a great job! i definitely see it :)

  5. Genetics are so fascinating. We can't figure out who Naveen looks like but recently I saw a picture of Shaune's dad as a little boy and Naveen inherited his sticking out ears. Hope you are well. Hugs!

  6. Awesome!!! It is stories like this and many others I've heard that continuously confirm the importance of family history. I'm glad you finally were able to put a face to a name and the legacy he left on this Earth. :)

  7. That's really cool, Gerri. Roots are so important. I'm sure Noah will love seeing that photo too. Great picture of you too!


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