November 25, 2010

Gratefulness Week-37 Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for...

-My Momma being wise and showing me God
as far back as I remember.

-My Dad who parents me as an adult woman
you have a lovely heart.

-Asking Jesus to come into my heart when I was 3.
He put a "lovefest fire" inside of me that burns
brighter today more than ever.
This love grows and spreads as my Pastor teaches me to
Reach Up, Reach Out, and Reach In.
Thank you Pastor for this charge.

-Brothers, sisters, and cousins for being the most
real and passionate group of folks!
I love each you!

-For all of the adults who have parented me along the way,
Nanny, Daddy, Big Mama, GrandMa,
Auntie Kat and Uncle Charles, Uncle Buddy,
Auntie Lorraine and Uncle Verl,
Grand Daddy, Johnny, John, Aunt Annie,
Booki, Papa, Nanny, Aunt Betty,
and countless others that I have not named...
Know that your seeds of love and
teachings flow in me everyday
as I teach others including my own son.
Some of you have moved on to be with God
others I don't see often,
However, I love and honor you...

-My 38 years worth of friends.
There have been talks, laughs and tears.
I cherish each of these moments with you.

-My husband, the other part of me, I love you baby.

-My boy, my blessing, my Noah.

Have a fantastic day today everyone.
Be at peace as you walk in love with others.


  1. It hard for me to see through the tears of joy this morning! I am so grateful that God has blessed and honored me to be the Mom of SEVEN wonderful children! I have enjoyed the ride of Motherhood! You all are unique in your own special way. I am so thankful for you Gerri and the way that you express yourself on paper. Please consider putting some of this in a book b/c it would be a blessing to many!!!
    Love You!

  2. Wow! I cannot believe how overcome I am with emotion today from just being present with ALL I've been blessed with.

    Gerri, I am thankful for YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are the older sister I used to ask God for as a little girl, and I am grateful he answered that prayer. Thank you for being the woman, mother and wife you are, but mostly, I thank you for being such a dear sister-friend. I miss you much, and can't wait to see you all next month! Love you.

  3. Gerri, I love this post and feel so fortunate to have met you. Your energy and love just flows out of you and Noah is the luckiest little guy to be getting raised in this environment you and Devin are providing. Hope you're having a wonderful thanksgiving. It makes all of us Canadians wish it was thanksgiving over here too.

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving Gerri, to you and your family. God bless you.

  6. Love this post Gerri! You have such a wonderful heart :)

  7. beautiful post babe. i am so thankful for you :)

  8. I'm so thankful to have met wonderful you :) Hugs!

  9. You always remind me to be thankful for the little, and not so little, things!! Love these thankful posts, and I'm also thankful for you!! :)



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